WE PROVIDE TOTAL HEALTH CARE Not just better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience serving all people through exemplary research, education and community outreach.

Our story

About the company

Active Remedy was established in 2007 in Erbil. Since then we have grown to be one of the largest Medical Specialized Companies in Iraq. Our goal is to deliver excellent medical service, products to all the consumers and clients inside Iraq. Today we are recognized as one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products in Iraq. Our professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the Iraqi market and healthcare system in addition to our well all over Iraq connections allow us to understand and meet local Market and foreign company needs. Our main Goal to be one of the main pillars in the Iraqi medical market that can play major role to raise the current health situation to the international world health standards.

Iraq market overview

• Total Private Hospitals : 1200 

• Private clinics : 5201 

• Total number of beds are over 103000

• Total Public Hospitals : 440 

• Public clinics : 2331 

• Total number of beds are over 41,600.

The current population of Iraq is 38 millions (estimated in 2017) Kurdistan Population ~7 millions (18% from total Iraq population) We as Active Remedy company have coverage over all Iraqi governorates . We manage to reach the largest population of patients and provide our healthcare services

To lead the healthcare industry in Iraq with the highest standards, ensure medical equipment and consumer care products meet the needs of the community today, and build capabilities to raise healthcare standards to meet the needs of future generations.
OUR vision
s to build Total Brand Value by innovating to deliver consumer value and customer leadership faster, better and more complete health services through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of Active Remedy people.
Our Values
Ethics, professionalism, integrity, quality of service, innovation and trust are Active remedeys core values. These values are implemented in every aspect of the company and combined with our deep understanding of the market.
Our Future Perspective
Contribute in Developing Healthcare Sector, Introducing the latest therapeutic options and Life style changes by focusing on supplement habits and new generation healthy feeding
The company includes a group of offices, warehouses and laboratories equipped with a modern style and suitable for work.